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Babies, Bikes, & Beer. Does It Get Any Better?

What a great weekend! Well, at least for my family it was, as we were lucky enough to avoid most of the damage from the #brewcityflood on Thursday. I say “most” of the damage because we again had some issues with the skylight in our kitchen.  It seems as if whenever we get apocalyptic rain storms it leaks in the corners.  Never fun, seeing as it softens up the drywall around the skylight, which will yet a gain need to be redone.  One day I’ll get around to replacing the darn thing but not really wanting to spend the money to do so.  Despite the minor damage we encountered, my thoughts and heart go out to all of those who sustained significant losses.

Anyways back to the real reason I wanted to write this post.   Saturday I had a great ride from Waukesha into Wales and back.  It was a great hour and a half ride, solid pace, and I felt really good the entire time! At first I thought it was going to rain, but the clouds broke about thirty minutes in and made way for sunny blue skies. Could not have asked for better riding weather.

Fast forward to later Saturday afternoon… Heather and I  (baby Lillian in tow) went into Milwaukee to watch the Downer Classic Pro 1/2 criterium.  We always look forward to this race as the crowds are fun, and the racing is intense. This year was our first year attending as parents, and we did not know how Lillian would do in the heat and with all those people around.  Good news for us, as the weather was much cooler downtown and the crowds were very light. I cannot ever remember attendance being so poor for this event. Perhaps many were dealing with damage from flooding.  The race course was also impacted from the rain, as several pot holes and dips in the road formed.  The race was even restarted a few times due to significant crashes.

As attendance was so low this year, we were actually able to grab a table at Cafe Hollander on Downer. This was awesome, seeing as in years past you needed a reservation a day ahead of time for an outdoor table on race day. Another win for us!  Right from the table we were able to enjoy the entire race, eat a great meal, and enjoy some delicious beer. I enjoyed a few New Belgium Fat Tires (a personal favorite), and was able to sample a beer from Unibroue Brewery called Trois Pistoles.  A really heavy beer but extremely tasty, I will definitely order one next time.  Sun almost set, dinner through, beers drank, race over, it was time for us to journey home.  Babies first Downer Classic Criterium was a success!

Sunday morning I was able to enjoy another great ride.  I embarked on one of my infamous rides, Le Tour De Delafield (see ride page above for route details).  Let’s just say I had the legs this morning, as I felt great!  You could not ask for a more perfect day to ride.  A HUGE thank you to my wife for letting me escape from daddy duty the last two days so I could enjoy some time on the bike.  This afternoon I was able to return the favor and watch the baby for a bit so she could get out and run with our dogs for an hour or so.  She is looking forward to getting back into running and cycling after a long hiatus (le pregnancy).

Sunday evening was also enjoyable, as we headed out to Waukesha County Fair.  First festival with baby Lillian, glad it was a small one.  She actually slept the whole time in the baby bjorn. Bonding time for daddy, as I got to carry her the whole time. We made a few laps of the grounds, enjoyed some traditional fair foods, people watched a bit, and headed home.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend in the saddle and with the family. I am already looking forward to the next one!

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